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Crash Victim Thanks Air Ambulance Specialists After Recovery


Ruth Thomas was only 20 years old when she met with a horrific accident. A student of University of Cumbria, Ruth was close to her home in Grizebeck, United Kingdom, when she met with an accident involving a van. The accident was so severe that she sustained brain and spinal injuries. It was the air ambulance specialists who immediately came to her rescue and enabled her to get timely treatment in her hour of need. Today, she has recovered 80% although some problems with her memory persist. Ruth has now recovered enough to express her gratitude to the air ambulance specialists who rescued her.

Ruth Meets Air Ambulance Specialists Along with her Family as a Show of Gratitude

Ruth does not really have any recollection of the incident or the rescue, as is the case with most accident victims when the trauma is severe. She met the pilot and the other air ambulance specialists who had attended the scene. She was grateful that her mobility was now fine. According to her treating physicians, the timely intervention by air ambulance specialists had a lot to do with her recovery. In fact, it had negated the need of certain surgical interventions as she was brought to the hospital well within time.

Ruth Expresses Her Gratefulness by Raising Money for the Air Ambulance Service

As it is with most of the air ambulance services in the United Kingdom, the one that rescued Ruth too relies mainly on funding by the general public. She and her family have, so far, managed to raise about 3000 British pounds for the company and hope to raise more money. The team that rescued Ruth, on meeting her in person, expressed their hope that she will soon recover fully and thanked her for her efforts at fund raising. She is a prime example of how air ambulance specialists are vital to people during medical emergencies.

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