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Drone Disrupts Air Ambulance Rescue Once Again


An air ambulance service was summoned in a critical situation recently around Bath, in the United Kingdom. The air ambulance was quickly reaching the spot and was all set to offer life-saving services. It was discovered that the patient was on the verge of experiencing a cardiac arrest. He was in – what is called in medical terms – a peri-arrest. The next stage would have been a complete cardiac arrest.

During the flight, out of nowhere, the crew encountered harsh green laser light being flashed at it. The crew started experiencing temporary blindness and a splitting headache due to this. The incident had obviously endangered multiple lives at this point.

What Does Laser Light Do to Air Ambulance Crew?

When miscreants focus laser lights on an air ambulance, it has a hugely adverse effect. The thin beam of light as it passes through the windshield of the air ambulance fills the cabin with a blinding hue. Exposure for a few seconds is enough to affect the vision of the pilot.

It must also be noted that the miscreants do not relent after flashing it for a moment. Usually, they end up focusing it on the air ambulance for a much longer duration, where it gets to a point that the crew has no other way but to abandon the rescue midway.

Flashing Laser Lights on Aerial Vehicles is a Crime

In the United States, flashing laser lights on aerial vehicles can attract unlimited fines and imprisonment that can go up to 5 years. The issue is dealt with in all seriousness and an inquiry is started right after an incident such as this is reported by the air ambulance staff.

In the current unfortunate incident, the police have already registered a case and are on the lookout for the culprit. The air ambulance crew was unable to treat the patient due to the incident. The condition of the patient is not known at this point.

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