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Farmers Raise £200,000 for Air Ambulance in Ireland


Air Ambulance Northern Ireland is a lifesaver for the rural farmers of Ireland. Far too many incidents occur that demand immediate medical attention and every time the air ambulance comes to their rescue. As a courtesy and an act of giving back, the Ulster Farmer’s Union raises money for the air ambulance each year and is known to raise huge amounts. This year, however, was a surprise as they managed to raise over £200,000. Several activities for fundraising were undertaken by people of the community, which result in a total of £186,000. After this, the union itself came forward and rounded it off to £200,000. Air Ambulance Northern Ireland depends mainly on charities to stay afloat.

How did the Air Ambulance Company Feel About this Generosity?

The officials of the air ambulance charity were overwhelmed by the efforts put in by the Farmer’s Union. They said that it is unfortunate that so many farming incidents take place but that they are glad to help the community in their time of need. Complex farming machinery and equipment can cause injuries from their sheer weight where people can often be crushed or entrapped. The speed with which the injured are able to receive treatment can mean the difference between life and death most of the time.

How Often are the Air Ambulance Services Called for by the Agricultural Community

It is believed that about 10% of all emergency calls are made by the agricultural community – this is a fact witnessed by the air ambulance charity in its one year of operations. The first ever rescue by this charity was on the 22nd of July in 2017, when it rescued a young child, aged 11. The child was, unfortunately, a part of an incident involving a tractor. The charity saw a total of 380 calls for help during its first year of operation.

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