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First the Snake Bite then the Medical Flight Bill Sting


It was father-son time for Plano man, Hugh Sparks and his 26-year-old son, as they were clicking a few photographs of the snakes by the road. He had never imagined that moments later he would be onboard a medical flight, but fate had its way. Hugh was bitten by a rattle snake and knew immediately he was in trouble. He quickly dashed to the nearest hospital where the medical professionals told him he needed urgent help and medical flight was a necessity.

Hugh Initially Refused Medical Flight Services

Knowing very well that a medical flight service can be quite expensive, Hugh initially refused one but it was not his decision to make. The medical professionals, considering the danger to his life, had already ordered medical flight services for him. He was immediately flown to a medical facility that was well equipped to take care of his condition. Hugh had to be admitted for a few days and undergo anti venom treatment. A few of his digits were also amputated to save his life. However, he survived the ordeal and was shortly thereafter back in his Plano home.

It was Time to Face the Medical Flight Bill Once Home

He first received the hospital bill, which came up to over $125,000 but thankfully for him, his insurance covered most of it and he only had to pay about $3,000 out of pocket. However, that was not the end of it. More surprises were coming his way, albeit unpleasant ones. He soon received an additional $42,000 bill for medical flight expenses and his insurance only covered $12,000. The balance $30,000 was for Hugh to clear and he is now in the process of clearing it.

Every year thousands of Americans face problems similar to the one Hugh is currently facing. It is the disagreement with medical flight service providers and the health insurance providers that causes these problems.

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