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Free Emergency Air Ambulance Service for Patients in Mumbai, India


The Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation has expressed their intention to provide free helicopter air ambulance service for emergencies. This would make Mumbai the first city in India to be equipped with an air ambulance facility. With this move, the city will be able to improve its infrastructural facility for saving lives and helping medical patients.

Death of Fire Fighters Resulted in the Decision

A recent incident led to the decision to provide free air ambulance for medical emergencies. Three fire fighters became injured in the process of removing a bird stuck in cable wire. They were rushed to the hospital but could not reach on time due to high traffic, resulting in the loss of their lives. The fire fighters received a visit from Chief Officer P. Rahangdale and Additional Municipal Commissioner A. Kundan at the hospital.

It was this meeting that inspired the need for an air ambulance service to provide quicker and more efficient medical care to emergency patients. After discussing it with Civic Chief Ajoy Mehta, Kundan came up with a plan to provide an emergency medical transport facility.

Air Ambulance Service to be Provided Only in Special Cases

The service will be available for free only at select hospitals, with take-off and landing occurring in open grounds. Kundan and Mehta came up with a decision to provide the air ambulance facility in the following cases:

  • For serious cases and patients suffering from accident-related injuries
  • For organ transplant cases, where organs require quick transportation

With the introduction of a quicker, more efficient transportation facility, emergency medical patients in Mumbai have a brighter future. This service should help the city in preventing unnecessary loss of lives due to heavy traffic and improve the quality of medical care provided to patients.

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