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International Air Ambulance Breaks Down in a Tier-Two Indian City


Booking an international air ambulance is an expensive affair but a necessity when one falls sick while travelling overseas. Now imagine this – your extensive prior arrangements covering health emergencies makes an international air ambulance facility possible but when the aircraft arrives, you find that it has broken down and you are unable to fly off to your home country. This was precisely the situation that British citizen, Anne Levish Smith, found herself in. Anne had arrived at a city called Mangaluru in the southern part of India as part of a cruise but once she got there, she suddenly developed shortness of breath and had to be admitted to a local hospital.

Ann had Already Boarded the International Air Ambulance

The incident was nothing less than bizarre and a first for the city’s international airport. The patient had been carried via ground ambulance services to the airport and had been boarded the international air ambulance, but unfortunately for her, the medical flight simply could not take off owing to a technical glitch. A ground ambulance again had to be arranged to take her back to the treating facility. The repair personnel, it is believed, are yet to arrive so that Anne can be extracted back to her hometown in Britain.

The City has Good Treatment Facilities

The city of Mangaluru, although tier two, is considered to be a destination for quality health care. Anne, it is believed, received adequate care for her ailment there and was in no life- threatening situation. She is accompanied by her husband during this tough time. However, being the citizens of the United Kingdom, they had preferred to be treated in their home country when she was stable enough. The couple had been in the city for over 10 days. It is expected that they will be back in their country fairly soon.

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