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Medical Flight Charity Taken Aback by a Thankless Individual


In the United Kingdom, medical flight services are a revered social entity. It is pretty common for people to come forward and raise money for the good cause. The societal attitude towards medical flight services is invariably positive, mainly because most of them are run by charitable organizations. The government, corporate entities, and people come together to fund air ambulances. That said, once in a while, we come across a few exceptions. One such exception came to light recently in the United Kingdom. The subject of it was a medical flight service that was flying towards Southampton.

The Reason for Anger Against Medical Flight Service

One of the residents in the area was quite angry with the fact that the medical flight was in the air at a pretty low altitude at around 4 o’clock in the morning. The man was probably upset as it had woken him up from his sound sleep. He wrote to the air ambulance charity that he was not pleased about the fact and went on to say that he would no longer contribute to this charitable cause. The air ambulance company, taken aback by his outburst, took to social media to highlight the predicament.

Social Media Users were Not Pleased with the Angry Outburst

Several people took to social media to express their displeasure at the man. Siding with the medical flight charity, people went on to highlight how the paramedics and the air ambulance pilots work tirelessly to rescue people in need. There was one war veteran who went on to say that he suffers from PTSD and the sound of the chopper brings back bad memories; however, he makes do with it knowing that the air ambulance is probably on its way to save a life. The medical flight charity, later that day took to social media again, thanking people for their overwhelming support and understanding.

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