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Medical Flight Faces Trouble due to Laser Light


The menace of miscreants flashing laser lights on pilots seems to be never-ending. Earlier this month, there were two laser attacks in the UK. For medical flight pilots, it is much more than a mere prank. It can be life-threatening. A pilot recently has suffered serious eye problems due to laser and is currently undergoing treatment. What people do not realize is that helicopter pilots rely heavily on vision to navigate. Disruptions such as laser lights can leave them blind, at least temporarily. This translates into diversions and delays in medical flight missions. The sufferer, ultimately, is the patient who is probably on a race against time to stay alive.

Wiltshire Medical Flight Pilot was the Latest Victim

It was about 7:30 in the evening when the medical flight had scaled clear skies. The air ambulance was flying over Chippenham when a mindless person found it funny to flash laser towards the helicopter. The helicopter had to be grounded immediately as a consequence. The crew on the air ambulance quickly tended to the pilot and conducted an eye test. Once the pilot was deemed stable, the medical flight was made available for service again. Luckily, the chopper was carrying no patients at the time of the incident.

Authorities are Looking for the Miscreant

In the United Kingdom, flashing laser light at a medical flight or any other aircraft for that matter is a criminal offense. The punishment is quite stringent and can put the responsible person behind bars for up to 5 years along with unlimited fines.

The Wiltshire Special Constabulary was the first to respond to the incident. They have registered a case and are currently conducting a manhunt to nab the person responsible. The spokesperson of the local police department even went to the extent of appealing to the public to notify the authorities immediately if they find anyone flashing laser light towards aircraft.

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