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Medical Flight Industry – The News


The medical flight industry witnessed a renewed interest for several reasons in the recent past. These have ranged from government interventions in their billing practices to the heroic rescues that have saved the day in dire situations. The past few weeks were a mix of celebrations and near-fatal crashes. Take a look.

Hero Cop Saves a Medical Flight Mishap

The country was India, and the flight in question was ferrying a patient and landed on its belly in the financial capital of the country, Mumbai. The rear wheel of the aircraft had come off. It was a Beechcraft King Air C 90. Luckily, a cop by the name of Ravi Kant who was on-duty at the watchtower noticed the wheel falling off the medical flight. He was quick to report it to the relevant authorities who then instantly took action by informing the pilot. Arrangements were made for rescue in case the hard landing resulted in a mishap. Luckily, no one was hurt. The cop received a monetary award for his presence of mind.

Air Methods on Air Ambulance Patient Protection Act

Air Methods, one of the biggest providers of air ambulance services in the world, has released a statement pertaining to Air Ambulance Patient Protection Act. The Act covers the best practices for floating a medical flight membership program. The company stated that it “applauded” the consumer-focused legislation. The legislation, passed by West Virginia, will ensure that there is no fear-based and ill-informed marketing of medical flight memberships.

Flying Doctors of Australia Celebrate 93 Years of Service

Founded in the year 1928, the Royal Flying Doctor Service is perhaps the most popular medical flight service provider in the world. So much so that there was once a TV series based upon it. In a country that does not enjoy great land connectivity, this medical flight service has the distinction of providing life-saving services for almost a century.

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