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Medical Flight is the Only Hope for Florida Man Stuck in India


Medical flight services are always available and willing to help people who require emergency care. However, the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the globe is making things tough, especially when it comes to evacuations across borders. Now, it has come to light that a retired school teacher who hails from South Florida is stuck in India with no way to return home. Compounding his problem is the fact that he is sick and needs to get back home as soon as possible. However, the lockdown that is being followed in both the United States and India is turning out to be an insurmountable problem for a medical flight evacuation at this point.

Medical Flight Likely to Operate After May 3rd

The Indian government had previously announced a complete lockdown of the country until May 3rd. The aviation sector is likely to open up after this date. Until then, it is highly unlikely that any medical flight will take to the skies between the two countries. Only government-authorized flights are currently being undertaken. A matter of solace, however, is the fact that the COVID-19 infections in India are highly limited, especially when compared to the United States at this point. Moreover, the Florida man is not said to be suffering from a COVID-19 infection.

The Cost of the Medical Flight is Going to be High

Medical flight evacuations across borders are known to be expensive. In this case, it is likely to cost about $100,000. The family of the retired school teacher has already appealed to the general public to contribute to making this evacuation possible. He has been stuck in India for over three weeks now, and the family is naturally worried. However, it must be noted that he has been getting adequate care and is currently in an intensive care unit.

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