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Petition in the UK Calls for Public Inquiry into Welsh Air Ambulance Closure


In response to the decision to close the Air Ambulance bases in Welshpool and Caernarfon in 2026, nearly 4,500 concerned individuals have signed a petition urging the Welsh Senedd to conduct a full public inquiry. The closure, announced by Welsh Air Ambulance, has sparked outrage among residents, particularly in mid and North Wales who feel their access to life-saving emergency services is being compromised.

Residents Demand Accountability from the Air Ambulance Charity

The petition, initiated by Karl Ciz, highlights the concerns of residents who feel that the decision to close the Air Ambulance bases was made without adequate consideration for public need and opinion. With large swathes of Mid and Northwest Wales set to experience reduced coverage, residents fear for their safety, especially considering the long distances to the nearest Accident and Emergency facilities.

Residents Speak Out Their Concerns

Many residents view the Air Ambulance service as a vital lifeline, particularly in remote areas where access to medical facilities is limited. Karl Ciz emphasized the importance of maintaining this essential service and stressed the necessity of a full public inquiry to address the concerns of affected communities.

People Respond with Anger and Action

The decision to close the Air Ambulance bases has sparked significant public anger, leading to businesses in Powys withdrawing their support for the Wales Air Ambulance Charity and individuals canceling their direct debit payments. The lack of consultation and transparency surrounding the decision has eroded trust and support for the charity among residents.

As the petition gains momentum online, residents are calling on the Welsh Government to intervene and launch a full public inquiry into the closure of the Air Ambulance bases. With widespread public support and mounting pressure, there is hope that accountability will be upheld, and the concerns of affected communities will be addressed.

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