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Prince William, the Air Ambulance Celeb, Stuns School Children!


What can be more surprising than bumping into a prince in your school canteen? Hardly anything, especially if you’re in your teens or pre-teens. Well, a surprise of this magnitude was awaiting the pupils of John Henry Newman School in Stevenage, United Kingdom. The prince was taking a break from his hectic air ambulance duties to quickly grab something to eat. William had recently returned to his air ambulance duties after the Christmas break where he spent time with his family. He has been a part of East Anglian Air Ambulance since last year.

What Did the Star Air Ambulance Pilot Do in the Canteen?

Most pupils felt that the royal air ambulance pilot was down to earth and mingled freely with the pupils who had some curious questions for him. One of the students wondered how his Christmas went to which the prince replied that he had a “lovely” time with his family. The East Anglian air ambulance pilot had cauliflower cheese and roast chicken in the canteen. He is believed to have relished his food and even complimented the school chef on the taste. However, he stopped short of having the pudding according to a student. Many students had clicked “selfies” with Prince William in the view and shared it on social media. Some even commented saying the prince had made “my year.”

The School Staff was Equally Surprised by the Air Ambulance Pilot

Even the school authorities were unaware that Prince William was among the pilots of the air ambulance that had landed in their playground. The head-teacher of the school said that they always extended the courtesy of offering refreshments to the air ambulance pilots who often land in their playground. They were surprised to find Prince William among the air ambulance crew members. The Prince was initially seen donning a high-visibility jacket in the school’s playground.

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