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Safety of Air Ambulances – What Can You Do to Help?


Air ambulances are the only source of help when health emergencies demand immediate evacuation to an appropriate medical facility. This is especially true for rural communities that are quite a distance from larger hospitals. However, evacuation is sometimes made difficult by certain human activities. It is not that such activities occur intentionally. These inadvertent acts are actually a result of ignorance. Education about proper behavior is the only way forward in such cases. Here, we highlight some of the activities that are considered detrimental to air ambulances.

Focusing Laser Lights on Air Ambulances

This is a problem across the globe. People do not realize how dangerous pointing a laser light at air ambulances can be. Laser light can cause temporary blindness to the pilots who are maneuvering air ambulances. This is especially true when the helicopters are flying at low altitudes. Moreover, it must be noted that the vision is already not at its best during nighttime, and laser lights can compound this problem. This activity can potentially cause a fatal crash. It must also be noted that in most countries this is a punishable offense that attracts fines and jail terms.

Flying Drones without Regard for Air Ambulances

Drones can cause air ambulances to crash or at least lead the aircraft to make an emergency landing. A helicopter is required to maintain a safe distance away from any flying object. Ignoring this rule can result in operational difficulties that lead to crashes. Drones, owing to their small size, can be hard to spot and spring an unpleasant surprise at the pilot who is already in a run to reach an emergency situation at the earliest. Again, obstructing aerial vehicles through drones can land you in legal trouble.

Keeping Birds Away from Air Ambulances

Discarding food material near a landing zone can be a huge problem as they attract birds. Even a small bird can cause air ambulances to crash fatally. It must be noted that the velocity of a mass, be it a small bird, increases its weight exponentially. Thus, what may seem like a small bird can have the same impact as a huge rock if there is a mid-air collision.

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