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South Central Air Ambulance Service Paramedics Now Equipped with Live Streaming Cameras


Paramedics working at the South Central Air Ambulance Service have now been equipped with cameras for live streaming. These cameras are aimed at enhancing the quality of emergency service provided by the air ambulance company. Along with the paramedics, local hospital consultants at the Thames Valley Air Ambulance will be equipped with the live streaming cameras.

What it Means for the Air Ambulance Service

With this new equipment, the service’s clinical coordination center under the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service desk will be able to view the live footage when an emergency air ambulance team responds to an incident. This will assist in better coordination between the HEMS team and the air ambulance crew.

By actually seeing the patient, the HEMS will be able to provide more accurate advice. As a result of this, the air ambulance team will be able to save plenty of time especially in life-threatening emergency cases. And this will in turn improve the quality of service they provide.

Other Benefits of Live Streaming Cameras

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, live streaming cameras have plenty of other benefits for an air ambulance service. For example, it can be an effective training aid for paramedics and doctors who are just beginning their service in the air ambulance industry. It could provide the service with the ability to review selected cases and apply certain improvements to their procedures.

They can also help the HEMS staff to arrange for any crucial medical supplies that might be needed for restocking the air ambulance. For example, a live feed of the incident might be able to tell them whether they need to pre-order items like plasma packs, which have been used to treat the patient. Doing so will help them prepare ahead for the air ambulance’s next mission.

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