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Amidst the financial strain faced by families like Sara England's with a $97,000 medical bill including the air ambulance charges, there is a pressing need for continued advocacy and reform within the healthcare system.
Amidst evolving policy landscapes and financial pressures, the future of the air ambulance industry remains uncertain. We highlight the importance of proactive measures for change.

International Air Ambulance News

We bring you a roundup of the most important and recent air ambulance industry news. We cover a myriad of subjects from technology to charity.

Air Ambulance Industry – The Future

The air ambulance industry is headed for a change, and some of these changes can be quite disruptive. How can the industry cope with them?

Upgrades – The Dilemma of the Air Ambulance Industry

The air ambulance industry is under a lot of financial pressure at the current time. The reasons are obvious, the low insurance reimbursement rates...

Remote Monitoring Technology and Medical Flights

When medical flights reach patients, the crew is not always certain what to expect at the scene. The primary reason behind this is the...

Top News from the Air Ambulance Industry

If there is one industry that constantly churns out intriguing news that’s the air ambulance industry. In the recent past, there have been several...

Internet of Things Could be the Future of Medical Flight Industry

Disruption is the new norm today where technologies such as Internet of Things are taking the world by storm. No industry today remains untouched...

South Central Air Ambulance Service Paramedics Now Equipped with Live Streaming Cameras

Paramedics working at the South Central Air Ambulance Service have now been equipped with cameras for live streaming. These cameras are aimed at enhancing...

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