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SpaceX, Roadster, Air Ambulances – All in One Breath


Twenty-first century visionary, Elon Musk, is already making the impossible possible. His recent rocket launches have grabbed headlines for all the right reasons – from launching a Roadster with the humorous ‘spaceman’ inspired by Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to the more serious relaunch-capable rockets.  But where do Air Ambulances figure in all these developments? That’s the question we try to answer (hypothetically, of course).

Imagining the Air Ambulances of Tomorrow

SpaceX has already mentioned that their rockets can not only be used for space travel but also for intercontinental travel. This could mean that patients needing urgent care could be transported across continents. The thought might remain limited to a ‘concept’ today but could turn into a reality tomorrow.

The Limitations Must be Overcome

Well, think of it: Elon Musk created the Boring Company simply because he felt something needed to be done about traffic jams. What if someone of his calibre strongly felt something needs to be done to quicken the time taken by air ambulances to fly across continents? The limitations such as need for huge launch space and landing space, and the all-important cost factor must be dealt with. However, with mass acceptance of technology, such secondary necessities will naturally be overcome. You can bet that Henry Ford never dreamt that the world would be covered by motor-friendly roads when he first envisioned mass production of cars.

The Future Seems Bright for Air Ambulances

Non-polluting rockets that navigate across continents seem like a great idea. What might seem overly expensive today might turn out to be a much cheaper and viable option tomorrow. A noble thought like this needs encouragement and the will to make it a reality. Let’s just hope that such a development will come into existence in our lifetime.

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