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Suspicion of Airambulance Being Contaminated with Nerve Agent


Recently, nerve agent poisoning of a couple in the United Kingdom has made headlines. It was found that the couple – Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley, both from Wiltshire – were poisoned by a nerve agent. The airambulance was not summoned to respond to this emergency but the medical personnel who had attended to the victims had later entered the airambulance. This had raised concerns that the airambulance too might be contaminated. Currently, the medical flight is being monitored for any contamination and will be deemed fit to fly again soon.

Airambulance Testing is Underway

Sources have revealed that the likelihood of the airambulance being contaminated is very low. However, as a precautionary measure, the vehicle is being currently tested in Trowbridge. Authorities released a statement assuring the local community that there was nothing to fear and the testing was just a routine process to assess the impact of the nerve agent.

Of the couple that was contaminated, Dawn had died and Charlie had become severely ill after coming in contact with the nerve agent.

The Never Agent was Identified as Novichok

Novichok is believed to have made its way to the UK from Russia; it was produced by Moscow in the Cold War era. The same agent was earlier found to be the cause behind poisoning of a Russian father and daughter; the father had been ex Russian military.

In the British couple’s case, Charlie had found a perfume bottle abandoned, taken it home and later gifted it to Dawn. The lady had later tried the perfume on her hand and immediately fallen sick and eventually succumbed to the poison. Charlie, on the other hand, had come in contact with only a small amount of it and is currently safe after receiving treatment. The authorities are currently quarantining and decontaminating spots that had come in contact with the couple.

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