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There was an air ambulance crash in Macon County, North Carolina, recently. Thankfully, there were no lives lost although the vehicle was severely damaged.
A few days ago, a Care Flight air ambulance crashed in Nevada, killing five people who were onboard. We take a brief look at this unfortunate incident.

Air Ambulance Surprise Bills will Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Air ambulance companies may not be able to send balance bills to the customers any more as a new bill passed by the Congress prohibits it.

Air Ambulance Surprise Bills amid COVID-19

The story of a 60-year-old Philadelphia woman who was presented with a whopping air ambulance bill of over USD 50,000 is making the headlines,...

Air Medical Transport Continues to be Unaffordable

Imagine a situation where a family has multiple health conditions and emergency air medical transport is a necessity. You opt for one and receive...

Time is Right to Find a Solution for Medical Flight Surprise Billing

The medical flight industry is as much interested in finding a solution to the surprise billing problem as the rest of the United States....

Is it the End of Air Ambulance Transport Surprise Billing in Florida?

In a development that could be welcomed by the people residing in Florida, a new bill was recently passed that puts an end to...

Florida Attempts to End Surprise Air Ambulance Billing

Ending the practice of surprise billing is a welcome development, not just for the air ambulance industry and its customers but the healthcare industry...

Why is it Important to Figure out Air Ambulance Costs?

1531 – that’s the Senate Bill that the air ambulance industry is talking about recently. It seeks to end surprise billing practices by the...

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