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The Case of Fake Air Ambulance Services in India


The national capital of India, Delhi, was recently witness to a new type of scam. This time around, it was a man by the name of Navdeep Sandhu and his girlfriend, Prabhdeep Kaur. The girlfriend is on the run from the law at the current time; however, Navdeep has been apprehended by the police. It has been noted that the website, through which people were asked to book the air ambulance services, was registered under the couple’s name. However, the company itself was registered under their parent’s name to avoid legal tangles.

The Air Ambulance Services Came Under the Radar of the Authorities

It was on February 5th of this year that a complaint was lodged by a person by the name of Manu Arora. He had booked the air ambulance services from the city of Guwahati to Hyderabad. He had made a payment of Rs. 4,24,500 through the website plenumair.in. The amount, when converted into USD, comes to about $5500. It was perhaps the low pricing that was attracting potential customers. However, when it came to delivering the air ambulance services, the couple would come up with reasons such as technical difficulties and flights being cancelled. When asked for a refund, the couple was flatly refusing to do so.

More Skeletons Tumble Out of the Closet

Once the police investigation began based on the complaint registered by Manu Arora, it was revealed that the couple had, in the past, cheated several people like him. They would take bookings for chartered flights and air ambulance services posing to be service providers. They would then either stop taking their calls or simply stop using the phone number altogether. The police have registered a case of cheating against the couple under appropriate sections of Indian law. They have, so far, cheated about 15 people, fleecing them of close to $33,000.

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