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The Story of International Air Ambulance and Baby Zoe Ireland


It was after a happy family time together that Drake, Jenny and their son Aidan had taken a flight back to the United States from France. But their luck had them take a completely different course. Jenny went into labor prematurely and the flight had to land in Dublin, Ireland. The child was named Zoe Ireland and she just weighed 1 pound 13 ounces. It was obvious from the time she was born that taking her back to the United States meant hiring the services of an international air ambulance service, and the cost of transferring a new born is always high.

The Fund-raising Efforts for International Air Ambulance Service

It wasn’t going to be any international air ambulance that would carry Zoe. It had to be specially equipped to take care of a prematurely born neonate. The cost was approximated at about 60,000 Euros. The family was in no position to raise such huge amount of money and they were in a predicament. Staying back in Ireland too meant huge expenses. They had to get to Tennessee through an international air ambulance somehow. Initial efforts were hugely successful but not enough. They had managed to raise half the amount through a GoFundMe appeal.

A Good Samaritan Funds International Air Ambulance for the Child

Jenny had appeared on Ray Darcy Show on RTE Radio and had discussed her dilemma. To her surprise, shortly after that, an anonymous donor came forward to donate 3,000 Euros to fund the international air ambulance. When Jenny was told of this development, her happiness knew no bounds and she was visibly emotional on hearing the news. Jenny said that she would name her daughter after the anonymous donator as a mark of gratitude. RTE Radio said that they would reveal the identity of the donor to Jenny so that she can thank them personally. For now, everything has gone well and Jenny’s effort at funding the international air ambulance for Zoe has ended happily.

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