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Thieves Break Into Medical Flight Headquarters in Lincolnshire


The headquarters of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance was the target of burglars in the early mornings of February 16. Charity workers at the headquarters condemned the actions of the thieves, who smashed a window in an attempt to enter the office building. The incident took place at around 4:20 AM in Bracebridge Heath, where the medical flight offices were located.

Burglars Fled After Alarm Went Off

From what can be observed, the burglars seem to have fled after hearing the alarms, which went off when they broke the window. Aside from the broken window, there are no further damages to the property. But according to Sally Crawford, the charity’s Deputy Chief Executive, the money spent on repairs should have gone towards saving lives.

For each mission, the medical flight charity has to spend around £2,100 and their aircraft completes an average of three missions in one day. The annual cost of operations and maintenance is around 2.1 million, which the charity has to raise from scratch in order to keep saving lives. So they need to see to it that every penny goes towards their operations.

Discounted Repairs of Medical Flight Headquarters

The charity managed to have the windows fixed at a discounted price. While the actual cost would have been £250, the repairs were done for £70 because they’re a charity. Crawford expressed her concern over people wanting to rob a charity organization. She also further expressed her disappointment towards having to spend valuable money from the public on repairs rather than what it’s meant for.

The assumption is that it was an opportunity attack, since the charity does not keep their money on the site. Crawford said that it’s disappointing how people would choose to break into an office that provides real life-saving services.

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