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Will Gallatin County Buy Airambulance Insurance for Its Residents?


A resident of Gallatin County in Montana was the most recent victim of a huge Airambulance bill that caught him unaware. Steve Cutler met with an accident recently in Four Corners and had to be transported via airambulance to Salt Lake City. While Steve came out happy with full recovery from his injuries, he wasn’t that happy a man when he was slapped with a bill of $72,000. A bigger blow came when he learnt that his insurance would only cover $12,000. He was left with no option but to contact his lawyer to explore his options against Summit Airambulance. The incident, however, prompted the Gallatin County look at the situation more closely.

The County is Now Mulling Airambulance Insurance for All its Residents

It’s common for Texan counties to purchase airambulance cover but the trend has not caught up in Montana. Summit Airambulance and AirMedCare Network have together asked the commissioners of Gallatin County to purchase cover for the residents at a price of $295,752 annually. Considering that the cost per head only comes to $3.12 per person and about 15 to 20 people in the county avail airambulance service each month, this is not a bad option.

The Fine Points of Airambulance Insurance are Yet to be Worked Out

The commissioners of Gallatin County had several questions for the insurance providers. They asked whether students from outside studying in the universities be covered and also, whether the non-permanent residents/ vacationers would be covered. To this, the salesperson of the insurance company replied that he would have to check.

Then, there are other problems before the county. Since the amount is quite huge, it would have to be budgeted accordingly and according to the county commissioners, the budget for the year 2016 has already been set a couple of months back.

Currently, the residents of the county are getting airambulance cover at a cost of $65 per person annually.

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