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Wyoming Seeks to Tackle Medical Air Transportation Costs


Recently, Wyoming passed a legislation aimed at tackling issues surrounding medical air transportation cost and coverage. It demanded that the Wyoming Department of Health have a plan in place to ensure affordability of medical flight services. In this regard, the residents of Wyoming have been invited to convey their thoughts, inputs, and opinions pertaining to medical air transportation. The state hopes to achieve its objectives through two meetings that have been scheduled. Comments will also be sought online. The first public meeting to discuss these issues will be held on the 15th of May between 5 and 7 pm at Central Wyoming College. The second one, which will lay the focus on medical air transportation service providers, will be held on the 19th of May from 9 in the morning at Casper College.

What Issues Pertaining to Medical Air Transportation will be Discussed?

A wide range of issues are expected to be addressed during the two meetings. However, the most important ones of these are going to be:

  • The extent of the medical air transportation cost challenge
  • The kind of medical air transportation access required
  • The amount that is generally felt appropriate for the service
  • If at all individuals are expected to share the cost burden, what should be the extent of it?

More About the Meetings

The initial two meetings that have been scheduled will see a presentation by the Department and the plan that they have in place. A public session, which will be open for general discussion, is also a part of the exercise. In addition, comments by the general public will be welcomed. It is believed that another set of meetings will be scheduled in July of this year once a concrete plan has been zeroed down upon. Affordable medical flight services will form the core of all discussions.

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