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Yorkshire Air Ambulance Works with Specialist Doctors to Provide Better Medical Air Services


The Yorkshire Air Ambulance crew has joined hands with specialist emergency doctors in an attempt to save more lives. The new Critical Care team will comprise of 11 consultants who specialize in emergency medicine and anesthesia. They will work 12 hours a day throughout the year to provide exceptional medical air services.

An Upgrade from its Regular Medical Air Services

Doctors have always been a part of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance crew. However, this new team will be able to perform life-saving surgical procedures on scene without having to rush to the hospital. This means that patients requiring immediate and critical care will no longer have to wait to reach the hospital to receive such emergency medical treatments.

Thanks to this initiative, Yorkshire Air Ambulance now has a dedicated system that is funded and will ensure a trained and experienced consultant to provide pre-hospital emergency medicine as required. These professionals will support the existing air ambulance crew to complement the excellent service already provided by Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

What it Means for Patients and the Crew

The specialist doctors will be present to provide vital support to paramedics using their extended skills. With the ability to make advanced clinical decisions, they will be able to deliver critical care interventions when necessary. They will also be able to provide pre-hospital anesthetic care in case of emergencies, empowering them to level up their medical air services.

While many patients may only need regular medical care provided by a regular air ambulance crew, this may not be the case all the time. Some patients may be in need of having life-saving procedures done at the site of accident. In such cases, having an experienced and trained specialist doctor on-board could mean the difference between life and death.

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