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Air Ambulance Pilot’s Skill Saves Life on Christmas Eve


Not a lot of people prefer working on the Christmas Eve, but not air ambulance personnel who dedicate their lives to the wellbeing of others. The fact was more than evident this Christmas when an extremely skilled air ambulance pilot of Yorkshire Air Ambulance pulled off an impossible feat. He was responding to an emergency call on December 25th involving an elderly man in his 60s. He was found on a narrow road with some serious injuries warranting air ambulance services. The problem arose when there was no proper landing space for the air ambulance and it was left to the pilot’s skill.

The Air Ambulance Pilot was Previously a Part of the Royal Air Force

The pilot used his skills to land the air ambulance on a narrow strip of road, which is hardly wide enough for two cars to pass each other simultaneously. His previous experience as a Royal Air Force pilot surely helped him. The police and the emergency personnel who were witness to the wonder were highly appreciative of what the pilot had achieved. The landing area was the road between Middlesmoor and Pateley in the rural part of United Kingdom.

The Victim is Now Out of Danger but the Investigations are On

It was not entirely clear how the elderly man ended up on the road but there was reasonable doubt to believe that he was riding pillion earlier, revealed the investigators. One man in his 20s had been arrested and later released, pending investigations. The police have reached out to the people of the area to contact them with any details pertaining to the incident.

Thanks to the timely response and the skills of the air ambulance pilot, the victim was airlifted and taken to a nearby hospital in time for appropriate treatment. For the pilot, it was a chance to do good on the Christmas Eve.

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