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Drones – Could they become the First Line of Emergency Treatment before Air Ambulances?


Well, it might not be entirely true at the current moment, but in the future, drones could play a huge role in assisting rescue operations, even before air ambulances reach the spot. Take for instance, patient location in terrains that are hard to reach. Drones could pinpoint the location and send the data back to the base from where air ambulances can be flown to the exact locations. If you think, we are looking at a future that is too distant, think again. Drones had already started delivering life-saving material like blood and CPR equipment as far back as 2016 and a lot has changed over the past three years.

Will Drones Face Hurdles to Assist Air Ambulances?

Unfortunately, drones have been used in several unsavoury ways that have made people wary about it. Activities like snooping and disturbing aircrafts midair have been reported far too often. Today, there is talk about regulating drones and treating them just like aircrafts. In fact, a new FAA regulation may soon come into effect that makes this a reality. Come to think of it, the new rule might be a blessing in disguise for air ambulances that may rely on drones for certain functions in the future. With the elimination of ‘pesky’ drones in our skies, they could be used for more noble causes.

Use of Drones around the World in Medical Emergencies

Just imagine how much they can help countries where people or even governments cannot afford air ambulance services. The use of drones could be much more affordable and make a meaningful change in how emergency services are delivered to the patients, especially in remote areas. In fact, certain countries in the African continent are already contemplating this possibility.

For the air ambulance industry, which is already authorized to fly the skies in North America, adopting drones could be much easier and effective.

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