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Hoax Call Costs Medical Flight Service Dearly


Healthcare systems around the world are reeling under the pressure brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the medical flight industry is far from being insulated from it. This is especially true for countries like the United Kingdom where the air ambulance industry depends mainly on funds raised by the general public. It is often seen that people undertake fund-raising activities to help medical air transport companies. However, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the restrictions that it has brought along, has limited such efforts and put a huge dent on the finances of medical flight companies. Midlands Air Ambulance is already facing a budgetary deficit of 5 million British pounds this year.

Irresponsible Behavior is Problematic for Medical Flight Companies

Earlier this week, a call was made to the emergency services where it was reported that there had been an attack with a machete. Further, it was reported that several people were injured in the attack. The call originated from Handsworth, Birmingham. Responding promptly to the emergency, two land ambulances, one Midlands medical flight, and several police officers were dispatched to the area. It was later found that the call was a complete hoax and there was no such incident.

The Hoax Cost the Air Ambulance 5,000 British Pounds

The cost of the flight came up to 5,000 British pounds, which was an utter waste of resources, especially when the organization is struggling to stay afloat. Although the hoax call was not aimed at the medical flight company, it had to bear the brunt of it. One person has been taken into custody concerning this incident.

What people making hoax calls do not realize is that such reports are far from being funny. Apart from costing a huge amount, they engage emergency resources unnecessarily leaving those who are in actual need of such services vulnerable.

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