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International Air Ambulance News – The Interesting Developments


There is something happening in the air medical transport world at all times. This time around, we take a look at some of the interesting international air ambulance news. We cover developed air ambulance markets like the United States and United Kingdom, and the new and emerging markets like the thickly populated India and the mountainous Nepal.

International Air Ambulance News Coverage begins with the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom,  June 8th saw a multivehicle collision in Wimblington. An air ambulance was summoned to aid a man and a young boy who were trapped in the vehicles. Thanks to the quick response of the air ambulance professionals, both of them were taken to Peterborough City Hospital on time and in stable condition.

In the United States, Another Patient Saw a Huge Air Ambulance Bill

A woman by name Mary Jo Oxford was flown from Ruidoso to Lubbock in an air ambulance and was ultimately slapped with a $40,000 balance bill payment. The insurance would only cover close to $20,000 out of her $60,000 bill. The woman whose emergency was a heart attack said she might soon have another one after this huge bill.

International Air Ambulance News takes us to India

An Agusta Westland 109C has been acquired by Air Aid – an air ambulance company. The vehicle would be hosted in Begumpet airport of Hyderabad, India. It is believed that the cost would be about $2500 per hour. The company plans to acquire six more choppers in the coming days.

Nepal Might Not Get an Air Ambulance

Nepal, the small country nestled closed to Himalayas, is perhaps one of those countries that need air ambulance services the most. However, in spite of government’s push to acquire one, it is proving to be cost prohibitive. The health ministry of the country conveyed its pessimism in this regard. The air ambulance plan was originally meant for pregnancy and delivery related complications, so that rural women can get help on time.

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