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Why Air Ambulances Prefer Staying Out of Network


It is no revelation that air ambulances end up charging a steep amount to the patients when health insurance companies do not cover their services and we have already touched upon the topic of balance billing several times. All this happens because air ambulances prefer staying out of insurance networks, both private and government. This raises the question as to why they prefer staying out. We often see in publications news about the high bills that air ambulances charge and how patients suffer and even go to the extent of filing bankruptcy but the reasons are seldom published. Here, we take a look at this issue from a different angle.

Reimbursements for Air Ambulances Remains Unchanged

When it comes to reimbursements given to air ambulance by health insurance companies, it is believed to hover around $6,500; this includes both private and government agencies. The amount actually is a huge disincentive for air ambulances to join insurance networks. Why? Because they would be compelled to charge within this amount where as it does not even cover their costs, let alone the profits. Or at least, that is what air ambulance companies have always maintained. There needs to be an equitable solution, a middle ground that both these industries can take so that the common man does not have to suffer financially.

Air Ambulance Companies Do Their Bit

All major air ambulances will tell you that, in the absence of medical insurance coverage, they usually come to a workable solution with the patients. Huge discounts are given so that the financial burden can be reduced to a huge extent.

Also, most air ambulances offer membership programs which are highly affordable. These memberships allow patients to not worry about balance billing as this additional cost is absorbed by the medical flight companies themselves. However, such memberships are an addition to their health insurances.

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