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Air Ambulance and No Surprises Act

No Surprises Act is a bill to protect patients from high out of pocket costs related to emergency care by insurance companies and providers.

What Aspects Make Air Ambulance Services Safe in the United States

Safety regulations surrounding air ambulance services in the United States are quite strict. Let’s take a look at the aspects they cover.

Air Ambulance and Drones – Their Roles during Emergencies

What we need today where both these modes of emergency transport complement each other. We take a look.

Northern Ireland Air Ambulance Gets a Sizeable Donation

Air ambulance of Northern Ireland receives a donation of 21,000 pounds from South Regional College. It will receive this amount over the next two years.

School Kids in the United Kingdom Raise Funds for Air Ambulance Services

Two school kids in the United Kingdom raise funds for air ambulance charities of their choice. We take a look at the efforts of these motivated little ones.

Air Ambulance Companies in Legal Tussle Over Ad Claims

Recently, two air ambulance service providers were involved in a legal tussle against each other over advertising claims. We take a look.

A Cycling Challenge to Raise Funds for Air Ambulance Charity

We cover the fundraising efforts aimed at air ambulance services in the United Kingdom. This time around, we cover the recently conducted Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge.

Air Ambulance Charity – Teacher Takes on a Skydive Challenge

A teacher recently took on a skydive challenge as a fundraising effort for an air ambulance charity in the United Kingdom. We take a look.

The Role of Regulations in Air Ambulance Safety Practices

There is a feeling in the air ambulance industry that it is highly regulated but when it comes to safety there can never be a compromise. We take a look.

A Not-Deadly Air Ambulance Crash in Pennsylvania

A recent air ambulance crash in suburban Pennsylvania has been described as a miracle as no occupant was seriously injured. We take a close look at the incident.

Drone Disrupts Air Ambulance Rescue Once Again

There was yet another incident where a laser light was flashed at an air ambulance flight that was en route to save a patient. The mission had to be aborted due to this.

Out of Court Funds for Air Ambulance Charity

A solicitor from the United Kingdom will be taking part in Boston Marathon shortly to raise funds for an air ambulance charity. We take a look at this commendable effort.

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