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Air Ambulance News You Can Trust

A quick roundup of all the interesting air ambulance industry news from across the globe covering the US, UK and Canada. Read on.

International Air Ambulance News

We bring you a roundup of the most important and recent air ambulance industry news. We cover a myriad of subjects from technology to charity.

Eight-Year-Old-Girl Meets Air Ambulance Doctor Who Save Her

Eight-year-old who was rescued by a UK-based air ambulance meets the people responsible for assuring treatment after a freak accident and raises funds for it.

Is It Time to End Air Ambulance Membership Programs?

Air ambulance membership programs have lost their utility in recent times, thanks to the No Surprises Act passed by the Federal government this year.

Air Ambulance Crash in Philadelphia

Back on the heels of an air ambulance crash in December, there was yet another crash in Philadelphia recently. We look at the incident.

Air Ambulance News from Around the World

We bring you a round of the most interesting news occurrences in the world of air ambulance services from around the world. Read on!

Four Killed in Air Ambulance Crash

Yet another air ambulance crashes due to bad weather conditions. This time around, the unfortunate event occurred in El Cajon, San Diego

Prince William On His Air Ambulance Experience

Air ambulance professionals are constantly faced with psychological issues. Prince William shared his views on the subject recently.

Insurance Company Sued for Refusing Air Ambulance Coverage

Recently, an insurance company was ordered to pay USD 25 million to a patient for having denied him air ambulance coverage, leading to a loss of limb.

Air Ambulance Access to the United States Amid COVID-19

The United States might soon bring a rule necessitating all people entering it through air ambulance services be fully vaccinated.

Octogenarian Raises Thousands for Air Ambulance Charity

A UK-based Octogenarian raises over 14,000 British pounds for an air ambulance organization that rescued her last year. We look at this amazing story.

Air Ambulance Cost a Worry for Ireland

The Irish air ambulance organizations that run mostly on charitable contributions by local communities are appealing for funds. We take a look.

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