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Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance and No Surprises Act

No Surprises Act is a bill to protect patients from high out of pocket costs related to emergency care by insurance companies and providers.

Patient Confidentiality and Air Ambulance Services

Patient confidentiality is important. How does it factor in when air ambulance services are in place. We take a look

What Aspects Make Air Ambulance Services Safe in the United States

Safety regulations surrounding air ambulance services in the United States are quite strict. Let’s take a look at the aspects they cover.

The World of Air Ambulances in the United States

Air ambulances are an important part of the healthcare landscape in the United States today. The world of air ambulance care is changing, and we're here to keep you in the loop!

Air Ambulance and Drones – Their Roles during Emergencies

What we need today where both these modes of emergency transport complement each other. We take a look.

Why Must You Support the Air Ambulance Industry?

The air ambulance industry is essential for the community and all should lend a supporting hand. The pilots and crew members of these companies play an important role in saving lives.

The Latest News in the World of Air Ambulance Services

We bring you a round up of the most interesting occurrences in the world of air ambulance services. The space has been a witness to quite a few interesting events recently.

Northern Ireland Air Ambulance Gets a Sizeable Donation

Air ambulance of Northern Ireland receives a donation of 21,000 pounds from South Regional College. It will receive this amount over the next two years.

Operational Automation for Medical Flight Services

Medical flight services need professional service automation. This investment in technology can offset itself eventually whereas the cost gains and process efficiencies achieved are permanent.

Unavailability of Air Ambulance Services Leads to Death

An 80-year-old man had to wait over 36 hours for air ambulance services in India. He ultimately lost his life. The man had incurred a head injury.

School Kids in the United Kingdom Raise Funds for Air Ambulance Services

Two school kids in the United Kingdom raise funds for air ambulance charities of their choice. We take a look at the efforts of these motivated little ones.

Fort Collins Parents Fight Huge Air Ambulance Bill

Recently, parents from Fort Collins were slapped with a huge balance payment by an air ambulance company. We take a look at the situation.

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